Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Pregnancy & Twitter

Model Chrissy Teigen announced to the World with the help of daughter Luna that she’s expecting her second Child with  Grammy Award winning Singer and Husband John Legend. The social media queen and infamous candid girl shared the news with some signature Chrissy umor by declaring ‘it’s Johns!’ of course John Legend got in on some of the fun with  a quick retort that proved that they are two peas in a pods. While this endearing news actually happened last week, it’s the more recent conversation Chrissy had with the world via twitter that has us laughing.

The model asked one of those classic Chrissy questions that makes her oh so relatable and a fan/social media favourite. She was curious to know if it was normal to get soo big so quickly with your second child and twitter had more than enough answers for her.

Many Moms on twitter weighed in on their experiences sharing some pretty hilarious jokes as well as offering up some practical explanations as to why thats the case. One mom shared an anecdote of how she kept getting asked if he was having twins, while another shared a joke on how in her 2nd preganancy she was in sweatpants from day one.

We wish John Legend and Chrissy Teigen a Huge Congratulations again on beating Infertility to give baby Luna a younger sibling.

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