Birdman Admits Bi-sexuality and says Lil’ Wayne “Is Gay as Hell”

Birdman and Lil Wayne are putting out dirty laundry like a couple in the middle of a nasty break-up. For those who thought that Lil Wayne and Birdman had been to bed with each other (figuratively and literally), you may have been right …

When news broke out that Birdman was putting Wayne’s “Tha Carter 5″ on hold for reasons unexplained, Lil Wayne confessed that he felt like a “prisoner” to Cash Money Records and that he wanted to leave Birdman’s label. It got real when word got out that Wayne is now suing Cash Money Records for $51 million. Not only that, but he ‘s asked the judge to declare him the joint copyright holder of everything released on his Cash Money imprint, Young Money. This includes recordings by Drake and Nicki Minaj.

Now what does Birdman do? He admits to the world that Lil Wayne is actually a homosexual and that all the songs where he’s speaking sexually about women are actually cover-ups for the men he’s singing about in order to successfully sell his music. In fact, the man that Wayne is in love with…is the Canadian rapper Drake.

Birdman tries to violate Wayne’s reputation even more by saying that Drake’s song “Doing It Wrong,” on his second album “Take Care” was about Lil Wayne’s desire to be in a relationship and how Drizzy wasn’t down with it.

To dig even deeper into Wayne’s personal life, Birdman says that Drake wasn’t the only man that Wayne wanted to be with:

”He gay as hell”, says Birdman, “He tried to be with me, drake, and even the boy rick ross, but he was after drake more than everybody else and Drake actually wrote the song “Doing It Wrong” for him, cause he ain’t wanna be with him” finished Birdman.

Suddenly, Birdman decides that he also wants to come out the closet by saying that even though he’s straight, he used to be bi-sexual until he realized that “the mind plays tricks on people.”

We’re still waiting on Lil Wayne to respond to the gay accusations. But if these rumors about Weezy are true, did Birdman take it too far.

CREDIT: Nelly Mesik


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