BBNaija Reunion: Saskay, Cross And JayPaul’s Messy Triangle (Video)

The tenth episode of the Season 6 reunion of the Big Brother Naija show opened with another failed friendship and relationship tagged as the Saskay, Cross and JayPaul triangle.

The issues addressed at some point were a funny one as Cross kept referring to the relationship drama between him and Saskay as ‘shipment’ and JayPaul, buying another set of flowers to present to Saskay outside the house.

Meanwhile, Cross left many in shock as he revealed that he rejected a 20 million gift from shippers.

He also revealed that he rejected a joint endorsement deal for him and Saskay as well as a proposal for them to be in a music video together. He said he did all this, to avoid fooling fans that they were in a relationship.

Cross admitted that he liked Saskay and wanted things to work between them but unfortunately Saskay made no effort. He believed that the black beauty used him as a strategy in the house.

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He said, “I feel like she played me and use me as her strategy. I never knew she liked Jaypaul.

Talking about the leaked voice note where he trashed Saskay and her fans, Cross said the whole thing was mixed up and blown out of proportion.

According to him, he was only trying to remove himself from the love triangle, unfortunately, many misinterpreted him. He owned up to it and apologised to her.

JayPaul on his part said he never knew about Cross and Saskay’s ship until he came out of the house.

For him, he looked forward to a beautiful friendship between them outside the house and wanted to see her win but that didn’t happen.

He said he wanted nothing more from Saskay than to be friends with her but unfortunately, Saskay gave more priority to her fans, the people who support her and never took their friendship serious.

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He noted how he constantly checked up on her and gush over her in his interviews, yet she never reciprocated it.

Jaypaul said that he was hurt when Saskay went on an interview and asked, “Who is Jaypaul?”.

He further said he wanted Saskay to come out and say “Jaypaul was a great person”, so she could put the fans to rest but she never did.

Saskay opened up on how she felt about the triangle ship.

She stated that she wanted to strike a balance between both men but she feels now, that she didn’t make the right decision. She also denied playing any of them and claimed that she made efforts to make both friendships work.

On where things stand between the trio, Jaypaul said, “We are just acquaintances, when we see we say hi. A friend checks up on the other, I check up on her but she doesn’t, so we aren’t friends”.

Cross also stated that their friendship was non-existent.

See the video below,

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