A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Kim Kardashian Makeup Routine

Kim Kardashian is a household name known for her impeccable style and glamorous looks, and one aspect of her beauty routine that often gets attention is her makeup application. An in-depth look at her behind-the-scenes process reveals that it takes a talented and skilled team to achieve her signature flawless finish.

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Her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has been with her for years, and Kim trusts him completely to bring out the best in her features. The duo’s extensive prep work involves a thorough cleansing and moisturizing ritual to ensure that Kim’s skin is ready for the multiple layers of product that follow.

From color correcting to perfecting the base, highlighting, contouring, and enhancing eyes and lips, Kim’s makeup routine is complex but always results in a stunning transformation. With access to high-end products from top brands such as KKW Beauty by Kim Kardashian West herself, this beauty guru never disappoints when it comes to delivering camera-ready looks time after time.

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