6 Rules For Luminous Skin By Jodie Comer’s Favourite Facialist

Behind every actress – and British Vogue cover star – is invariably a skin expert who helps prepare them for the big-screen and numerous red carpets, keeping their skin balanced through the long, stressful days, constant travelling and lack of sleep. For Jodie Comer, that person is Jasmina Vico, a skin specialist whose focus is on combining holistic methods, like facial massage, with high-tech machines and lasers to give her clients the Vico Glow, as she calls it (and we can attest). With a roster of radiant clients – Saoirse Ronan, Jessie Buckley and Phoebe Waller-Bridge included – she is not short on positive reviews. She talks to British Vogue about exactly how she does it and her secrets to excellent skin.

Understand the skin

“When I first meet a client, I really try to understand their skin. Not only by looking at it but by learning things about their lifestyle, heritage and eating habits – all factors in the health of our skin. For me, it’s not only about eliminating skin concerns with treatments – as satisfying as that is – it’s about rooting out the causes. I have an inside-out approach to healthy skin and part of my methodology is educating my clients on their own skin. It’s a collaboration between me and the client and I like to have a constant dialogue with them.”

Consistency is key

“Our skin cycle is 28 days, so if a client can see me once a month, that’s optimal, but I have clients who visit me once a week. Again, it all depends on what their concerns are, the time they have available, and how their own skin responds to treatment. We are all different, so there are no rules.”

Lasers are multi-faceted skin wonders

“I have a variety of machines and gadgets but it depends on what I’m treating as to what I use. But for any skin rejuvenation – plumping, tightening, resurfacing and [reducing the appearance of] scarring, I use lasers. Which kind [of laser] depends on which layer of the skin I’m targeting and how deep I want to go. They can be used to prompt collagen remodelling, which is something many of my clients are interested in. I like solving problems. I look, I listen and have honed my specific technique over many years, and it works.”

Before a red carpet or event…

“Sleep is essential! But if excitement and nerves make that impossible, I can still make you look like you’ve slept a solid eight hours with lymph drainage [massaging and pressure pointing the face], lots of lovely deeply penetrating hydration, and maybe some plumping and tightening laser treatments. The latter would really depend on how the client’s skin responds to lasers and how close to the red carpet, wedding or party we are talking!”

Inside is just as important as outside

“I grew up in Croatia, close to the sea, and spent a lot of time outdoors so I’m drawn to plant-based products that look after the skin microbiome [the microbes, primarily bacteria, on the surface of skin]. A healthy gut is healthy skin and while we’ve known for a long time that microbes in our gut are vital for nutrition and affect our health, understanding our skin microbiome is a more recent development. We are all unique and should take advice from nutrition professionals but I have found that incorporating pre- and probiotics in our diet, such as pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir, can work really well. I have a team of holistic and medical practitioners that I might refer a client to and I will tweak their skincare routine, too. It’s important to avoid inflammation as much as possible – that way we have a better opportunity for achieving (and maintaining) optimum skin health.”

Maintain a clever skincare routine

“The products I recommend to my clients at home – and this is a bucket list that actually applies to almost everyone – are a vitamin C product, hydrating products, a high SPF with UVA/UVB protection and retinols, depending on your skin type, age and heritage. All my treatments, and therefore products, are tailored to individual skin concerns so I mix and match but I do love cosmeceutical brands such as Skinceuticals, Medik8, Dermaceutic and ZO Skin. And, it goes without saying, cleansers, chemical exfoliators, and masks. Not forgetting lots of water!”

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