Continued from the last fashion article on ‘5 Essential basic wardrobe items’.


Denim pants:

Depending on how it is sewn and worn, denim pants can conveniently fit in to both corporate add casual settings. If you are ever late, I consider it an easy wear as it hardly needs to be heat pressed especially if it’s skinny pants. However, a regular fit is more appropriate for work places.

Meanwhile, We heard a little secret that Levi’s denim last longest. *shhhhhh! Don’t tell!


A hat:

A lot of people a top hat is the only head covering that can be called a ‘hat’, meanwhile it is just any head covering that can be worn, whether for religious reason, ceremonial functions or weather conditions. There are hats that suit various occasions ranging from top hats, to beanies, berets, baseball caps, bowler hats, and so on.

One should have at least one kind of hat in their wardrobe.


A cozy sweater:

The comfort level of a cozy sweater is everything to crave. Beyond the comfortability, this fashion piece actually looks extremely cute and stylish.


It is also an easy throw over your plain T-shirt in ‘sweater weathers’. (Reference to first episode)


Simple black flat shoes:

I like to call this ‘a corporate slipper’ that should always be kept around. It’s east to avoid over or under dressing with these around.

Now, this does not go to say that basics are boring and raggedy unattractive clothings, not in the least. In fact, a wardrobe essential should make a statement in it’s own sphere and anyone who cares to think should be able to tell that it is top-shelf. Of course, you wouldn’t want your wardrobe essential to go out of fashion. Always Remember they are timeless, or at least, should be. *wink*🤭




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