There are certain simple pieces one would need, to have the solid founder for a timeless and stylish wardrobe. These are items that could basically fit anything without the stress of over thinking or pondering. They are referred to as ‘staples’.

You wouldn’t know when the need to throw something on just within a few seconds would arise and just like super heroes, these mostly monochrome and neutral items would come to your rescue.

Surprisingly, you could hear some say ‘all they care to fill their wardrobe with are basics, simply because everything goes with everything; thus emphasizing why are they are necessities. Some enjoy the plainness of such clothings. While others would, like Sarah Harris say ‘I love my basics to have an element of surprise or drama’.

See our list below:

White button – shirt,
Whether it’s a long or short sleeve, an easy white button down is sure to give you a clean and crisp look. It can be casually worn, yet when matched right, it hardly gets classier than this.

Plain T-shirt

A lightweight shirt that comes with no collar, nor buttons. This could be a crew neck or a v-neck. Be mindful of your choice of fabric, so you don’t end up seeming to have worn an undershirt because the fabric is so thin. A plain T-shirts’ perfect for a sunny day and when it gets cold, read into the next fashion article to know what to do.


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