$150K Tesla Did Not Impress TikTok Users: Here’s Why

Tesla has long been garnering popularity from the public, both positively and negatively, but with its recent $150,000 unit, some TikTok members do not appear to be enthused about the unit. As a result, criticisms on the unit claim that it “doesn’t make sense.”

Viral $150K Tesla on TikTok Gains Mixed Reactions

A certain user on TikTok, jf.okay, posted a video of the $150,000 Tesla model, and most of the comments noted that the price doesn’t make sense. To add, users have been arguing that spending that much on the unit wasn’t worth it.

According to the story by SlashGear, although the exact model wasn’t mentioned on the TikTok video, the publication states that it is “most likely the Tesla Model S Plaid” with some other additions pushing the price to $150k.

Tesla Model S Plaid Worth $130k  Upgraded to Hit $150K

The Tesla Model S Plaid already starts at $130k, and the video demonstrated several amenities that, according to the user, made it worth $150k. The comments, on the other hand, disagree with several of the attributes listed by the owner of the original video.

The self-presenting handles that remain concealed until users require them were the first feature touted in the video. Although it is a delightful addition, the feature was a source of contention after a driver died in a car accident and rescue personnel were unable to remove him in time “due to the retracted door handles,” according to BloomBerg.

Tesla Model S Plaid+ Delayed As Musk Pushes Prices Up | CarBuzz

Other Tesla Features that were Subjects of Lawsuits

Another item that was put to the test was paint quality, which was the focus of a class action lawsuit back in 2020, according to Electrek, where jf.okay tried testing the paint with a rough brush and came away undamaged. However, comments stated that no one is “should to get that aggressive with the paint on a Tesla.”

Another feature that has been touched on is the entertainment aspect, such as the “back screen for kids,” which supports Hulu, Netflix, and other popular platforms. However, according to SlashGear, this is hardly an innovation and is a feature that is also accessible on other less expensive choices.

Is the car really worth $150,00?

The $150 Tesla also includes a frunk, or front-trunk, which provides extra capacity on top of the trunk, but commenters weren’t impressed. According to one commenter, a minivan with two screens and four times the storage can be purchased for a third of the price.

Another element that was examined was the half-wheel steering yoke, which was seen with fuel benefits in addition to its “futuristic design,” but it was unable to win over a lot of spectators. As a result, the SlashGear piece observes that, while the car appears to be “amazing,” it is difficult to judge whether it is truly worth $150,000.

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