Why I dumped the men who wanted to marry me – Actress Lolade Okusanya (video)

Why I dumped the men who wanted to marry me - Actress Lolade Okusanya (video)

Nollywood actress, Lolade Okusanya has opened up on her personal life and she dumped all her exes.

In a recent interview with media personality, Debbie Shokoya, Okusanya disclosed that she has never experienced being rejected by a man; instead, she is the one ending the relationship.

Explaining her decision, the ‘Ijakumo’ star mentioned that her apprehension about marriage led her to break up with men who were interested in marrying her.

Okusanya added that she has never dated a guy who didn’t want to marry her.

“Nobody has ever broken up with me, I broke up with all my exes. The 3 relationships were close to marriage when I broke up with all of them. I was scared of marriage at the time, I never dated a guy who didn’t want to marry me”.


Some Netizens criticized her statement, expressing disapproval as they felt she was boasting about being a heartbreaker.

One Hrh King Diamond wrote: “No be everything u suppose dey talk for public consumption”

One Omalishan wrote: “It’s understandable, she wasn’t ready and also scared of marriage, many are on this table”

One Mheenarh wrote: “People wey dey find husband to see, those wey dey see no want”

One Madeby Coco wrote: “That’s not a flex”

One Big Gyna wrote: “This happy me too, and I’m still scared of marriage”

One Onyia Prudence wrote: “So what exactly did we do to deserve this information?”

OneHayjay Dave wrote: “Menopause dey knock”.

One Sailorojay wrote: “See wetin this one use take dey brag, dey proud! What goes around comes around Madam!! It’s not a flex to hurt someone you know”.

One Bella Luxe wrote: “So is that a flex?

One Loveliness wrote: You get spirit husband sister’

One Ego Umez wrote: “It could be a spiritual problem. But anyway it’s called “Feat of commitment syndrome”

One Kella The Tech DJ wrote: “Funny enough a lot of women fear marriage as opposed to popular belief that all women want or are desperate to marry”

One The Food Networking wrote: “Ogbanje behavior osim I’m scared of marriage”

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