Its exactly a week after the Epic Big Brother Naija finale and the euphoria is steady cooling down. Naija social media is still abuzz with the housemates, their tours and the he said, she said. The winner Efe is now a big social media sensation and his line ‘based on logistics’ is being echoed in every conversation.


What a success. This is not the first time the syndicated show ‘Big Brother’ is having a Nigerian version. The last time was 2006 which is approximately 11 years ago. I guess it took this long to come up with another one since the first wasnt much of a hit.


Also this particular Season of Big brother Naija can be said to be successful in Nigeria than the Big Brother Africa series. Yours truely was never a fan of reality television and big brother but this Season I found myself watching the eviction shows, the Saturday night parties and just generally looking at the channel when I was less busy.


That got me thinking why was this years Big Brother Naija more successfull than any other. I have a few reasons I came up with below;


  1. Gotv and its big brother channel. Gotv is a cable division of Multi Choice company (DSTV) that brings the experience of a bouquet of a few relevant channels to the average Nigerian income earner. This makes it the ideal decoder of choice for the low income earners and the small business owners like the local barbershops and restaurants. It had a dedicated channel on Gotv which was on live so the subscribers too Gotv got to watch the same big brother. I hope the organizers of the voice Nigeria get to learn from this as it shows the power of the crowd when you have their backing.


  1. Social Media. The internet has been around for a long while now in Nigeria and likewise social media such as facebook and twitter have been popular, but the rise of android phones and other mobile devices becoming more common has exploded the Nigerian population active on social media. This led to a trend that pulled a lot of viewership to the show.


  1. Well put together. The housemate selection I would say was on a class of its own as all the housemates had either an Entertainment talent or an Entertainment dream, so the house was not short on entertainment. And this time around thhe organizers kept the housemates on their toes always with some interesting task or some intruiging conspiracy.


I would say based on logistics, it was a hit.


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