“There Are No Criteria For Being A Good Wife” – Alex Unusual

“There Are No Criteria For Being A Good Wife” – Alex Unusual Argues That Wives Shouldn’t Necessarily Be Homely Or Able Cook.

Reality TV Star Alex Asogwa also known as Alex Unusual has said that cooking is not a criterion for being a good wife.

According to her, being a good cook does not mean you qualify to be wife material. She also stated that she disagrees with the popular saying that women are meant to be home materials or housewives. She said since men are also coming from the home and have home training, they should equally share the home responsibilities.

“There are no criteria for being a good wife. I also do not agree with the popular saying that women are meant to be homely. Everyone is supposed to be homely because we all grew up the same way.

My brother and I have the same upbringing, so he should also have culinary skills as I do. I know that my future husband would understand my opinions about certain things and would not force me to be in the kitchen always”, she told Punch.

Alex Unusual also hammered on that she is not a controversial person as she has been tagged. She stated that sge does not like creating drama around her but she is a confrontational person so will rather meet you up and sort out issues with the person than rant on social media.

“Am not a controversial person on purpose, if I have done anything that the media takes seriously, it was not my plan.

Don’t like to create drama at all. I am a very confrontational person so I would rather meet you up personally than rant on social media, except the other party takes it to social media or I was not able to reach the person.

It is not like I don’t have people that I am at loggerheads with or vice versa but I would rather stay away from people with questionable characters. Being in a reality show has thought me how to understand, as well as ignorant people.

“I do not see anyone as a bad person, especially if I have not had a tangible interaction with the person. I also try not to judge people from afar. There are people that I do not speak with at the moment but it is not my fault. I apologize whenever I am at fault and when I’m not at fault. But some people enjoy controversies because it sells them better.”

“They would even like to thrive amidst these controversies. Life is short, why would I want to make it difficult for myself? I can tell you that for every person that people believe I am at loggerheads with, I have called them to apologize to them personally. I also apologized to fans when I think I responded to them in a hurtful manner.”

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