The Best Fashion Collections From Athletes

Cam Newton

The world of fashion and the world of sports have often intertwined together as athletes are known to flaunt some unforgettable outfits from time to time. Today, we are going to discuss some of the more notable athletes and fashion mixes and exactly what has made them famous in both parts of the respective cultures.


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Cam Newton

It is hard to discuss fashion and not have your mind immediately jump to quarterback Cam Newton. He even launched his own clothing line as he partnered with Belk to create MADE, which covers everything from sportswear to suits.

Newton also has drawn the eye as he has had some wild outfit for game days in Carolina or New England throughout this professional career before suiting up in his NFL uniform. When speaking about wanting to spend less than millions he has on clothes he would wear just once he said, “It’s an old saying; Swag isn’t on you, it’s in you.” Well, Newton’s fourth law is that Cam is one of the most fashionable players in sports history.  

Russell Westbrook

Many people have been amazed by the talent on the court by point guard Russell Westbrook, as he became the second player in NBA history to average a triple-double. However, what surprises people the most are some of the fashion choices he has made throughout his career. 


He has a fashion line called “Honor the Gift” which Forbes says is “a brand of self-belief and dedication to honor the gift ‘he’ has given you,” and is one of the more calm things about his fashion. Westbrook has arrived to NBA arenas in everything from a suit to a dress and anything in between.

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His NBA sneaker deal and fashion line really has made him stand out and be more than an athlete and morph the two worlds into one where he can do whatever he wants, whenever he so chooses to do so. 

Victor Cruz

There is definitely a perk of being one of the hottest wide receivers in the National Football League and calling a place like the Big Apple your home like former New York Giant wide receiver Victor Cruz. He has one of the biggest clothing brands called Young Whales, which plays on the term “whale”, which refers to high-stakes bettors and his fashion is wearable for any person and any occasion as it isjust everyday clothing items and not something you would see on the runaway during Fashion Week. 


This is one of the more cool and realistic athlete brands as it is not meant to be a flashy thing or way out of a person’s price range. This just seems to be more of a graphic tee or a sweatshirt that you would see during everyday life. Cruz will continue doing a salsa dance in the fashion world as he continues winning Super Bowls in the world of fashion.


The term “more than an athlete” definitely fits into these three athletes, but they are far than from being the only athletes that have connected the two different forms of art and blended them into their own thing. As we continue to see athletes figure out that they can be more than just one specific thing, this should continue to happen.


Athletes are always seen walking around the Met Gala or Paris Fashion Week, so it only made sense that these two worlds would combine into one. There are definitely some notable athletes that we did not get to talk about as there are many that have entered this world.


What other athletes have the best fashion collections or brands that we did not touch on? Make sure to let us know!

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