Tems: Rise Of Nigeria’s Grammy Award Winner

Glamsquad Magazine was one of the most supportive brands behind Tems, and her success did not surprise us. We were one of the few platforms that gave Tems a chance in 2018 and published a feature on her after the self-taught music producer quit her job to work on her debut single – Mr. Rebel.

In fact, a Tems Glamsquad cover was already on the calendar eight months before she won the Grammy Award last month. So, in this edition, we have another perfectly timed edition for your reading and viewing pleasure!

As is our craft, we have packed this edition with the best content in Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Entertainment. Glamsquad Magazine remains the only independent publication that has kept the flag flying over the years by delivering a new edition every month. With your support, we hope to be here even longer. We are currently attracting over 1.5 million eyeballs monthly – so call us the Vogue of Africa if you wish!

This is another edition for keeps, and like Tems, it is one deserving of a Grammy.


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