Tems reveals her love language and preferences in men (video)

Grammy-award-winning singer, Tems has opened up about her love life.

In a recent interview, Tems shared intimate details about how she expresses and receives love and the characteristics of men that she finds most attractive.

Tems noted that her love language includes physical touch, which is a natural reflex for her, often done without conscious thought.

Speaking on her preferences in men, Tems noted that she is drawn to intelligence and humour, as she believes these traits complement each other. She also expressed a fondness for tall men, although she isn’t concerned about height.

See how Netizens reacted below

One I am Oseking01 wrote: “U dey belive wetin woman talk”

One Horlah wrote: “Lol if you find Tems attractive then your vision is faulty with that yansh wey be like termite head”

One William wrote: “Bruh! I only like Tems for her Music, never found her attractive for one day. Her Feministic ways are unsavory.”

One Ayour133 wrote: “Tems sabi whyne person”

Reech_Tio said: “Her cliques are already knowing where they belong”

Saint Yves stated: “Na her manager dey enter her eyes be that”

Guardian Angel said: “Wizkid still dey grow bro, there’s hope”

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