Father’s Day: Do2dtun heartbroken as he laments bitterly over custody of his kids 

Father's Day: Do2dtun heartbroken as he laments bitterly over custody of his kids 

Media personality Do2dtun has poured out his hearts over the custody of his kids as the world celebrates Father’s Day today.

Glamsquad recall that ever since Do2dtun separated from his ex-wife, he has been vocal about her and her family denying him access to his daughters, providing videos and evidence to support his claims.


To make things even more difficult, his ex-wife took their kids overseas without informing him, making it even harder for him to see his daughters.


He recently took to his Instagram page to share an emotional note, Do2dtun questioned how the world expects him to move on when he prioritizes his family over anyone and anything.

He questioned how anyone could tell a father who shared a bond with his daughters to accept a selfish plot, supposedly to protect his character. Addressing the public with numerous questions, he expressed his ongoing pain and asserted that he won’t be judged based on a public persona of truth-telling or being edgy.

The hypeman expressed his disdain for a system that values money and power over goodwill, emphasizing that he lives his life based on evidence. He added that he refuses to conform to societal expectations of fatherhood.

He wrote

“How do U tell a FATHER that was present for the first babies steps to move on? sadly I can’t find Fife’s baby steps cos it got lost with my other phone

How do tell a FATHER that shared a bond with his daughters to accept a plot that was selfish all in the name to mar me and destroy my character to stop talking?

How do U tell a FATHER that paid every bill from inception till the time they were stolen away from me to let go and move on?

How do U tell a FATHER who was present at all times, who found a few of the schools they go to and was present even at time when I was away either through zoom or physical to move on?

How do you tell a FATHER who was present to take only phone calls as your means of communication to children you birthed ?

How do you convince a FATHER to accept lies, false accusations and leave it to God?

How do you blackmail or convince a FATHER that was completely goofy, very intuitive, never wanted to be part of a bandwagon of ignorance; never wanted to be part of shady practices or buy battles of evil but the only way to punish me is take my kids away to let go?

How do tell a FATHER who puts his family before anyone to let go?

How do you tell a FATHER that keeps fighting for what is right to stop fighting?

I can go on and on but I am not the FATHER that will be judged cos of his public persona of “SPEAKING THE TRUTH OR BEING EDGY” as your weapon to label me against my DAUGHTERS or meaningful people who still cared to listen to the real story and my struggle. 

As for my gullible peers who never ever called to even hear my side but be a judge cos of what you will eat “YOU WILL NEVER KNOW PEACE” .. KO NI DA FUN YIN.. i no join una setting hence why some of you didnt care even when I cared for all your careers. I hate a system that allows money & power to be their bedrock of achievements over goodwill. I am not that type of “FATHER”

I don’t live my life without proof cos I don’t want to be a father whose foundation was made to conform to what the society believes it should be.

My DM is fULL with broken FATHERS but I am not ashamed & I am not broken anymore. I AM JUST AN INTENTIONAL FATHER


See the video he shared below

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