Tekno Opens Up on Health Challenges

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Tekno has revealed that he has been battling with health challenges.

The singer made this known in his latest interview with Cool FM OAP Daddy Freeze.

The artiste also apologized for a recent video where some ladies were dancing in a truck.

“Hi Everyone, please I will like to clear the air about the situation of videos going round of girls in a truck dancing around Lekki or Victoria Island,” he posted.

“First of, there was no reason for us to be dancing in a Truck around Lekki. There was no music, no ventilation in the truck. We were shooting a music video, and we had shortage of vehicles to convey people to the next location, because some of the cars broke down between the shoot, which we divided ourselves into various vehicle because we had been shooting all day and having fun which we then moved to the next location.

“However, this was about 12am at midnight already. This was no form of advert for strip club or dancing naked on the streets for any type of reason.

“In addition, we respect the decency in Lagos and as much as we are entertainers we are always mindful of what we have and don’t jeopardise it. That’s why we enjoy shooting our video in Lagos. As we all know it’s a Centre of Excellence and also the Centre of Entertainment.

“We sincerely apologise if some people saw this or felt offended by the scenery they saw. It was never intent.

“My people I love you all, stay blessed.”

On his interview with Daddy Freeze, Tekno shared with fans how he has been be battling seriously with some health challenges.

“To know what really happened, Watch my exclusive with #Daddyfreeze,” he posted.

Daddy freeze also wrote on his page, “Have you seen that interview with @teknoofficial? I almost cried shooting it. It is indeed one of the most emotional interviews I have ever conducted. Imagine losing the greatest tool God blessed you with? Even @machdonalde agrees that it’s a touching story.”

In the interview, Tekno talks about battling for months with an irritated vocal cord that could no longer help him talk well or sing and how he has visited from various orthodox and unorthodox clinics for solutions. He also shared his journey of going through a life-threatening surgical procedure that he said is irreversible.

Tekno was eventually diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and after a series of test which was painful to watch him describe in the video, he had to go through a surgical procedure called Esophagogastric dissociation.

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