South African Designers to Look Out For at DFF2021

A call for designers to be groomed for the #DFF2020 Fashion Mentorship  Programme – VOGUE

Everything seems to be on track for the Durban Fashion Fair 2020, which takes place at various venues within the eThekwini municipality from September 23-25.

Under the theme “The Show Must Go On!”, over 25 local designers will showcase their Spring/Summer 2020 collections.

EThekwini mayor Mxolisi Kaunda said that this year’s theme was important as the city’s economy had been affected by the coronavirus. He added that every opportunity needed to be taken to help restore the livelihood of the city’s businesses following the hard lockdown regulations.

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“Identifying and optimising empowerment opportunities is crucial to ensure the sustainability of businesses.

The DFF is one of the platforms to be used to assist in the city’s economic recovery efforts. Often, we focus only on the traditional manufacturing and services sectors when it comes to growing the city’s economy, but we should never forget the important contribution made by the so-called creative industries – and the textile and clothing industry, which includes both big businesses and SMMEs, is one of the most important segments of that,” said Kaunda.

On opening night, Zwandyy, Libo Creations, Sistas Felas, SaTeTah Collection, Kireshen Chetty, Zarth and Leigh Schubert will take to the runway to exhibit their collections.

Indoni Fashion House, Lordes Designer Wear, Duke “Clothe Your Soul”, Karen Monk Klijnstra, Nguni Shades, Vyagor Louvre (Sihle Hope), Treasure Cindi and Mita-N Dzyns are showcasing on Heritage Day.

Last but not least, Azee Tanzi, VFK (Victor Fashion Kingdom), The Fifth (a collective with Silomo’s Boutique, Sibu Msimang, Nkosazane and 8th Wanda), LEMFVX, Quiteria Atelier, Sindi M and Zaviar Fashion House will close the show on September 25.

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