‘Parenting is practical not theory, stop dishing out advice to real parents’ -Mary Remmy Njoku 

'Parenting is practical not theory, stop dishing out advice to real parents' -Mary Remmy Njoku 

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Mary Remmy Njoku has slammed those who give parents advice on how to raise their kids.

The mom of three took to her Instagram page to speak up about the trend of people knowing too much about raising kids when they don’t have any real-life experience.

While stating that parenting is practical and not theory-based, she said people should keep their opinions to themselves or practice their perfect ideas when they have their own kids.

“If you don’t have kids yet if you have never been FULLY responsible for a Child.
Off mic pls. Stop dishing out advice to REAL parents on how to raise one!! Keep your opinions to yourself! Parenting is practical not theory.

“You can experiment with your perfect ideas when you have yours!!
And May God give you many. Amen”.

Netizens who took to her comment section agreed with her opinion while some others countered her

One Business in Enugu wrote: “You dont have to be a parent before you can have an opinion on how to proper raise a child if not you wont send your kids to schools where single teacher teach . Just take the opinion or leave it.”

One RRiinnzz wrote: “They think child raising and family is content creation. I have two kids under two, they sat me down and said daddy I will deal with you”

One Eat Delicious with me wrote: “louder ma, I make my son’s hair, and if you know what same gender with me have said to me eehhh, they want to help me raise my own child.I stopped a grown woman the other day trying to decide my son’s future, I corrected her and walked away.I’m not a gen z mom, I have reasons why I make my son’s hair. My kid’s are MINE, and NO child birth was easy for me,(NONE)from internal bleeding for my 1st, to CS for my 2nd.”

One Easy by Izy wrote: “I mean, I was the best parent till I started having my own kids”

One Eke Oma Beauty wrote: “I have baby sit my little cousin n watch dem grow, I may not have given birth but I have nurse a mother who gave birth..
So do u think I don’t have an opinion,????

One I am Pepchi wrote:Just baby sitting my nieces n nephews can destroy one’s mental health… not to mention parenting.. chai. Pls parents take ur flowers”

One Daughter Servant wrote: “How arrogant, it takes a village to raise a child off coarse if someone gives you a bad advice don’t take it. What you are saying it’s not scriptural, it’s an irresponsible nonsense. So if a person who is not a parent see something bad happening to a Child because they’ve never had children they should ignore. Unless you are from the west I can understand that but if African now you are westernized right? Off coarse you don’t have right over someones child but advise? There are people who are gifted with that. It’s a gift from God. Madam stop following the crowd”

One Naomi Visel wrote: “I know that it is hard when someone who is not in your shoes tries to give you advice, not withstanding anyone can give sound advice, whether they have kids or not. Just be humble to receive the good ones, and leave out the bad ones. I am a mom of two and I still take advice from my younger sister who has none.”

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