How To Apply Your Skincare Product In Other To Get A Better Result

A lot of people seem to get it wrong when it comes to applying their daily skincare product, some think its just to wash the face and apply the product, but its more than that.

Applying a skincare product should be a thing of care, if applied wrongly its could actually be bad for your skin.

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Here are how to apply the skincare product with care to avoid error;


Cleaning your face before you apply any skincare product should be the first thing you should consider before anything else because the germs on the face could stop your skincare product from being effective.

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Get a non alcoholic toner something more hydrated then apply on the face after cleaning it.


Serums are oil-based moisturizers to protect your skin and they should come next after a toner.

Serums should be applied in tapping motions with your fingertips or palms. Serums should not be applied excessively. Allow it to sip into the skin by itself.

If you have any other skincare product then you apply with care for a better and safer result.

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