Eye and Lip Color Combos you should try – Makeup matches by Zaron


Finding the right eye and lip pair can be challenging……Yes we know! We also know that makeup should be less stressful and more fun. You should play around with it, try out new things, and experiment with colours.


If you have been having difficulties or you are just bored with your regular colour mix, we have put together some eyes and lip colours and we guarantee you will just love them. Some are tried and true, others are bold and new yet exciting too. Here are some mind blowing combos you should try:


Purple and Nude: Because purple is such a strong color on its own, let it reign supreme and simply wake up your lips with a sparkly, sheer or matte nude lipstick.

Bronze and soft pink: One of our favorite combos is a soft but sexy bronzy eye with a medium tone-soft pink lip. This works well on both light and dark complexions and it’s an ideal combo that can be worn all season.

Charcoal and Lavender/ orchid:We know our natural instinct is to pair charcoal eye shadow with nude lips. However, we urge you to try out bold unexpected combos like charcoal and lavender or charcoal and orchid. Both colors are in the strong shade range, it’s definitely a stunning combo!


Navy blue and Peach: The best way to wear a blue and orange combo is to try a sultry navy blue shadow with a soft peach lip color! This is a modern take on the smoky eye with nude lip, it looks really gorgeous!

Nude and Red: Everyone likes to rock red lips because it’s elegant and is a classic but creating a balance is important. Our favorite way to wear a bold red lip color is to pair it with latte color eye shadows. This way the lips take center stage, and the eyes remain soft and natural.

Gold and fuchsia pink: We totally love warm-on-warm combinations, such as a true gold metallic shadow with fuchsia pink lippy! Alert: Absolutely Fabulous Chic ahead!


Copper and Burgundy: Nothing looks more dashing than copper lids and deep, burgundy wine lips.

Emerald Green and Soft pink: Smoky eyes are hot regardless of the season, so consider dark green eyes and a little bit of pink undertone to your lips. Smashing!!!

Silver and metallic purple: This is also an unexpected combo for ultimate risk takers and the brave-hearted. A wash of silver on the lid and a purple lip color is all you need to complete this confident chic look.

So, there you go…… try these combos and…Let the fun begin!!!


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