exploring 5 fun facts about Sola Sobowale

Sola Sobowale, a veteran Nollywood actress, has a longstanding history in the Nigerian movie industry. Here are five interesting facts about her life and career:

Sola Sobowale
Sola Sobowale

Early Life: Sola Sobowale was born on December 26, 1963, in Ondo State, Nigeria. Read also: Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Worn By Celebrities

Athletic Background: She was an athlete during her secondary school years.

Family and Career: She is married to Oludotun Sobowale, a former corporate executive, and has taken breaks from her acting career to take care of her children in England.

Iconic Roles: She is known for her iconic roles in popular movies and TV series such as “Super Story,” “The Wedding Party 1 and 2,” “King of Boys,” and “The Village Headmaster”. Read also: Top 5 Gay Fashion Designers Who Transformed The Industry

Multifaceted Talent: In addition to her acting, she is also known for making her own clothes and still does market errands.

Sola Sobowale’s life is filled with diverse experiences, from her athletic background to her iconic roles in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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