“Don’t come into the industry because you want to chase clout, you would be frustrated”- Actress Dakore

Nigerian actress Dakore Egbuson-Akande, has sent a message to those whose primary aim is to chase clout and fame in Nollywood without adding value.

Citing herself as an example, Akande opined that Nollywood does not have to get validation from wester countries to be taken seriously.

Akande stated this as a speaker at the eighth edition of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference. She said, “We have come to the place where we are telling our own stories. We are stamping our authority and saying, ‘this is what we are about’. We have shown that we are competent, resilient and can grow. But, how do we move forward into this new era? I am not particular about us getting validation from the west. I believe we should get validation from ourselves. It is not about saying we have to win an Oscar (Academy award) first, before we know we are an industry.”

“I have been fortunate because I take risks and that is what our young creatives have to do. I take risks with the kind of work I choose. The script has to suit me. I also consider what messages will be passed from having me in the film? One ought to have principles. Don’t just come into the industry because you want to be famous or chase clout; you would be frustrated. You have to be deliberate about your intention. Why do you want to create? You have to ask yourself certain questions because that would shape how you present your work and your ideas to the world. Are you contributing to the conversation? Is it making the world better?”

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