Cartoon Characters Take Centre Stage in New Adidas Campaign

LOOK: Cartoon characters take centre stage in new adidas campaign.

Disney, Pixar and Marvel’s iconic characters take centre stage in the latest adidas Originals campaign.

For the adidas Originals new Stan Smith sneakers dropping today (April 1), the brand has named the following characters as ambassadors.

Marvel’s Hulk, Rex from Disney and Tinker Bell from “Peter Pan”. There is also WALL-E ( Pixar/Disney), Kermit the Frog of The Muppets, and Mike Wazowski, from Disney and Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc”.

Tinker Bell is also featured in the collection. Picture: Supplied.

Kermit The Frog is at the forefront as he is the narrator who encourages everyone to help make the world a better place.

“They say every problem has a solution. You might wonder, am I too small to change the whole world? Am I the only one pitching in? Maybe someone needs to make the first move,” said the cool frog.

He added: “If we all do our part, we can make the world a better place, a greener place.”

Also featured in this campaign are Stan Smith, skaters Na-Kel Smith and Nora Vasconcellos, digital architect Iddris Sandu and actress Yara Shahidi.

Iddris Sandu. Picture: Supplied

For this collection, the giant clothing company created a sneaker using sustainable materials to help end plastic waste.

Each pair comes with unique details and references to the characters, such as graphic outsoles, embossed details, bold graphics, playful prints and additional lace options.

All the sneakers are made of Primegreen uppers that sit atop recycled rubber outsoles.

All the sneakers in the collection are made of Primegreen, a fabric that contains no virgin plastic. Picture: Supplied

Primegreen is a performance fabric that contains no virgin plastic.