Cannes Film Festival 2024: Best Fashion Moment From Yesterday

The Cannes Film Festival, one of the most prestigious international film festivals in the world, is set to take place in 2024. Founded in 1946, this annual event showcases a diverse range of films from both established and emerging filmmakers. Known for its glamorous red carpet events and exclusive screenings, the festival attracts film industry professionals and celebrities from around the globe.

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The 77th Cannes Film Festival takes place this year from May 14 and will run to May 25. Celebrities embrace French Riviera glamor on the red carpet and on the cobblestone streets of the city, creating some of the most talked-about fashion moments of the year during the yearly film festival. Let’s just say that for the next two weeks, the biggest stars in film should be bringing their A-game when it comes to styling.

See the list of celebrities who did justice to their outfit:

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