Bolanle Ninalowo clarifies situation around his divorce – I was never involved in infidelity or domestic violence (video)

Bolanle Ninalowo clarifies situation around his divorce - I was never involved in infidelity or domestic violence

Amid the ongoing discussions about Bolanle Ninalowo’s divorce, the father of two has taken to clarify the details surrounding his separation from his wife, Bunmi.

In his recent interview on TVC’s morning programme, ‘Your View’, Bolanle stated that countrary to rumors of infidelity and physical abuse, he stated that he had never been unfaithful to his wife or harmed her physically.

He highlighted that his wife was unknown until he began showcasing her on social media, after which she gained widespread recognition.

Bolanle foundly called Makanaki emphasized that if he were to meet another woman and fall in love with her, he would treat her just as he did his former partner, as he is a romantic at heart.

He said,

“You can’t wear a mask for 6 months, not to talk of 5 or 6 years. If you have a woman, any kind of woman in today’s world, where people must be heard. A woman as beautiful that you saw me celebrating. First of all, none of you guys knew that woman until I brought her out to celebrate her.

“Everything you celebrate today is of me celebrating a woman. She is not a Star, she became a star through me through my love. So get that fact very clear, when I meet another woman tomorrow and I fall in love with her, I’ll do exactly the same thing. I am lover”.

Glamsquad reported hours ago that the actor said his ex-wife wasn’t a mistake in his life.

According to him, Queen B as she is popularly known was a divine creature to him while their marriage lasted. He noted that the next woman he will marry will be divine. Likening his marriage to a journey, the actor stated that he is journeying through life.

He also hinted that he is not in any relationship presently. He revealed that he is not interested in any woman presently but when he sees the woman meant for him he will know.

“I am a special kind of person, I am anointed, graceful, and very spiritual. My ex-wife wasn’t a mistake in my life, it was divine and the next woman I will meet will also be divine.

You can’t have a destination without a journey, and I am journeying through life. I am not interested in any woman but when I see the woman I will know”.

In September, Bolanle Ninalowo announced his separation from the mother of his children.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Bolanle expressed his acknowledgement of the finality of the situation, emphasizing its importance for a serene and affectionate future. Bolanle outlined the various attempts he made to salvage his marriage, all of which ultimately failed.

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