BNXN Buju, Ayra Starr and other Nigerian singers who made Barrack Obama’s 2022 playlist

Barack Obama, former US president, published his summer playlist on his social media accounts, as he does every year.

But many people, especially Nigerians, would find it amusing that the majority of Nigerian artists made it to the list.

Including artists like Buju, Tems, Burna Boy, and Pheelz.

We are going to look at Obama’s list in the first and second half of 2022.

First half of 2022

Songs by Nigerian artists, such as Finesse by Pheelz featuring Buju, currently known as BNXN, “Last Last” by bruna boy, and “Vibe out” by Tems, all helped propel their respective artists to the top of the list.

Sampa the Great, a group of musicians from Africa, was the only other musician on the list., Australian-based musician of Zambian descent.

Former President of the United States released his annual summer play list while stating how he was glad he could cut it through the caption he wrote.

Mr. Obama shared the following on his Twitter account: “Every year, I get excited to share my summer playlist because I learn about so many
new artists from your replies—it’s an example of how music really can bring us all
Here’s what I’ve been listening to this summer. What songs would you add?”

See list from July 26th below:

Songs by Beyoncé, Prince, Doechii, Drake, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, and Fat Boy Slim also made it to the list, and also songs from Rosalía, Lil Yachty, Prince, Aretha Franklin, Bad Bunny, and Amber Mark made the cut.

Second half of 2022

On December 24th, Obama listed 25 of his favourite songs for the year that will soon come to an end, and three Nigerian songs—Burna Boy’s Last Last, Ayra’s Rush, and Rema’s Calm Down—made the list.

Beyonce made the list as usual, along with Kendrick Lamar, Lizzo, Rosalia, and others.

The ex-US president revealed his favorite list via his official Twitter page on Saturday, saying he enjoyed sharing the list.

“I always enjoy sharing my end of year music playlist with all of you — and this year we heard a lot of great songs. Here are some of my favorites,” Obama wrote.

“Are there any songs or artists I should check out?” He asked.

See list and post below: