Shiela’s Gallery Breaks The Norm With Her Jewelry Line

Accessory Designer Shiela’s Gallery Seeks To Break The Norm With Her Jewelry Line.

In the midst of the rise of African fashion accessories, one brand that seems to be emerging and making its mark in Ghana, Accra is Shiela’s Gallery.

Accessory fashion and culture has always been under the radar when African fashion seems to occupy the spotlight, despite having renowned names like Aphia Sakyi, Akinko and more.

However, Shiela’s Gallery seems to be making its way to changing the narrative as far as accessories are embraced. The brand was founded by Shiela a young female designer who had to make ends meet for her whole family at the age of 14 after the passing away of her father.

She began making and selling beads at her local market to clients, then graduated to producing beads for sellers at various markets until obtaining her own shop at the age of 17. In 2014 she decided to launch her own brand titled Shiela’s gallery debuted on the runway for their first time in 2020 at Accra Fashion Week as a young designer.

Their more recent collection has a tremendous sophisticated twist to it, heavily focused on femininity.

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