4 Times Nigerian Actress, Linda Osifo Slayed In Fashionable Ankara

Nigerian Actress, Linda Osifo who won the Actress Of The Year 2021 in the African Choice Award, always look chic and beautiful in anything she wears but in these Ankara’s she look exceptional.

1. Simple and Glamorous

Its fascinating how one can look simple but yet glamorous in an atire, as thats what is happening in the above picture.

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2. Flower cut-outs

Another simple gown that we have no option but to love, the cut-outs at the arm are simply resplendent. It can also be easily recreated and you do not need a lot of fabric.

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3. Fabulous pants

These Ankara pants and jacket is everything and more, the designer deserves a five-star rating the clothes screams “Boss”

4. Sultry ankara

This sexy piece is flirty and sultry and with the added advantage of not needing yards of material to make it.

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