‘The quality of Afrobeats music is dropping slowly’ Singer, Ric Hassani

'The quality of Afrobeats music is dropping slowly' Singer, Ric Hassani


Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu better known as Ric Hassani has shared his two cents about the type of songs that top Nigerian music chats.

In a recent interview Rubbin’ Minds hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Channels TV, Ric Hassani expressed his disappointment in the type of music produced lately while stating that they fall below the quality of Aforbeats.

“Afrobeats is Nigerian music. Our guys are top 10 and I feel like because of that the quality of music might stop dropping because more people want to get in. So the quality is really dropping.”

Ric Hassani recalled the past when hit songs were closely associated with exceptional music. However, he believes the current landscape is vastly different, with anyone able to produce a hit, regardless of quality.

“Back in the days, hit songs were serious music but now almost anybody is just coming in. Most of the hit songs in Nigeria now are not very good music. Back in the days it wasn’t like this. I feel like because we have been number one for so long, everybody is just dropping whatever they like and throwing money behind it.”

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