The 3 Style Trends To Watch Out For This Wedding Season

There are a few reasons why we fall freshly in love with fashion every season; one includes wedding guest styles. The wedding experience is a beautiful one – the decor, the guests and of course the couple, all pose to create a glamorously magical setting.

Agree with me or not, how glamorous a wedding ends up depends a lot on how fashionable the guests are. After spending so much on good ambience, it would be a visual disaster for the celebrants to find that guests have not spent time in matching the atmosphere. Therefore, the unspoken rule that wedding guests should dress impeccably still stands in 2019, and even more so now – #instagramworthy (I hear you whisper “vanity,” but isn’t everything?).

Since there is a swathe of newly-engaged couples from Valentine’s Day and with the weather warming up in most of the Western hemisphere, you know that from Lagos to Houston and back to Jo’burg, wedding season is officially upon us. And with that in mind, we’re letting you in on the style trends you should be aware of as you curate your wedding guest look.

These are the style trends to watch out for this wedding season…

1. Practical Glam

As much as we love those trains attached to our outfit – even though we aren’t the bride – choosing a more practical outfit is a supreme choice in 2019. This inspiration comes from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’swedding. Their guests gave off British grandeur without doing too much and that bug seems to be going around.

Linda Osifo

Veronica Odeka

2. Colour, colour and more colour!

This year is going to be awash with bright hues and vibrant mixes. The conventional wedding guest look is slightly demure and filled with creams, reds and pinks – not that these colours don’t look great always. There are just so much more options available and many guests will be exploring these choices.

Abi KD



3. Exaggerated Everything

Well, this seems counter-intuitive just because the first trend is “practical” but you can have practical pieces with exaggerated structures. Bold sleeves, bolder hemlines and lots of details are making a comeback this year and we are here for them – just don’t go overboard.

Ini Edo


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