Stephanie Coker Talks Pregnancy, Career & More in The Nation’s Flair Magazine

In a rare interview with The Nation Newspaper’s Flair Magazine, TV
Personality & Entrepreneur, Stephanie Coker, talks about her pregnancy
journey and other aspects of her life she seldom talks about. It is a
See excerpts below:
On why she decided to reveal the news about her pregancy
Well, not only was it my birthday the day I posted the maternity photos,
but it was also thanksgiving in the United States. So, I just had so much
to be grateful for.  God has been so good and I have so much family
support and friends spreading and sharing their love and I just thought I
would share that amazing day with my people and my family online. And you
know also witnessing a miracle of bringing a life into the world. It’s
just so hard to describe the joy and the feeling, it’s next to none.
On whether she think it’s possible for female celebrities to “have it all”
– a thriving career and a happy home
I think it is possible, I think we just need to find the right balance. We
need to keep some things off social media. I think it’s not everything you
need to respond to, even though it’s hard sometimes. I don’t think it’s
worth it. Keeping your sanity and home sometimes is more important. I just
think that is one of the ways to help keep a happy home. And as for
career, I feel like there is an attack on female celebrities who are
married; it’s really weird. It’s like once they get divorced, or
separated, it’s like their career blows. There are other women who still
have a happy home and a thriving career. I do think it’s possible. I just
think we all need to find the right balance.
On some of her most memorable moments of 2019
Hands down, being pregnant. Second, being able to speak in the UN on the
status of women in March of this year; that was amazing. Having my
presenting course classes being able to hear all these stories from all
these young aspiring presenters and being able to spend two days with
them. Those moments are the moments I love most about my job; being able
to talk to people who want to do what I am doing. It reminds me of where I
am coming from and the passion I felt when I wanted to be a presenter. I
really cherish those times.
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