Rihanna Teases Her 2024 Met Gala Look

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Rihanna, renowned singer, fashion icon, and entrepreneur, recently caused a stir among fans and fashion enthusiasts alike when she teased her upcoming 2024 Met Gala look during her interview.

Speaking with Vogue, Rihanna talked about her red carpet days and her plans for 2024.

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Photo Credit: GETTY IMAGE

When Rihanna was asked–who is dressed in some outsized tailoring in the same kaolin shade of the Phatty creepers she is here to promote – whether she regrets anything she’s worn on the red carpet, she experiences a sudden jolt of déjà vu. “Why would you put me on the spot like this!” she demands, raising a Balmain Jolie Madame to her face and stifling an awkward laugh. “But, oh my God, it was something similar to this, which is kind of ironic. It was a brown tan suit that we all loved so much, but the day we put it on I was like, ‘Mmm, it’s giving UPS driver,’ and that is not cute. Not for the red carpet anyways.”

Given that creepers are a cornerstone of emo culture, might Rihanna now be plotting an alt-girl aesthetic, in the tradition of just about every other famous person in 2024? “I’m a Pisces,” she says, with an emphatic glance. “We’re always gonna be emo, that literally is the definition of our zodiac sign. I like to put my foot down, draw my boundaries, but I also like to have fun. I like juxtaposition.”

As a trendsetter in the industry, Rihanna’s every sartorial move is closely watched and anticipated by fashion aficionados around the world, making her forthcoming Met Gala look one of the most highly anticipated ensembles of the year.

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