PAPA AJASCO: Top 10 Amazing Facts About The Comic Actor

Who exactly is Papa Ajasco?
Abiodun Ayoyinka, better known by his stage name Papa Ajasco, is a well-known comic actor, glamsquad reports.


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Papa Ajasco is the protagonist of Papa Ajasco and Company. He is well-known for his signature look of wearing a shirt and wrapper instead of trousers.

Despite his marital status, Papa Ajasco is known for being a promiscuous man who chases everything in skirts.

Artists in Papa Ajasco’s Comic Play

Papa Ajasco– Papa Ajasco is a wealthy, balding man who enjoys womanizing. He is Mama Ajasco’s husband and Bobo Ajasco’s father. His protruding belly and unique way of hitting his head will make you laugh.

Mrs. Ajasco

Mama Ajasco- The wife’s name is Mama Ajasco.

Bobo Ajasco– Ajasco’s only child, Bobo Ajasco, is a mischievous child who has no desire to learn. He typically wears a pointed cap with the letter ‘A’ embroidered on it.


Boy Alinco– A peculiar man with a peculiar walking style. Boy Alinco has a playboy persona. He also has a signature look that consists of tight trousers with suspenders and rounded spectacles.

Pa James

Pa James is an elderly man who mostly does stupid things.


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Miss Pepeiye– A materialistic lady who also happens to be Bobo Ajasco’s teacher.


Papa Ajasco’s net worth is unknown.

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