Khloé Kardashian X Tatti Lashes Collaboration

Khloé Kardashian’s collaboration with Tatti Lashes, a rapidly growing business valued at 40 million pounds, has caused a significant stir in the beauty industry. Tatti Lashes, founded by two British entrepreneurs, has quickly become known for its high-quality false eyelashes that are favoured by celebrities and influencers alike.

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Kardashian acknowledged that she has been using the company’s false eyelashes for a while and that, for both security and business purposes, she seldom ever uses her real name or contact information when making purchases online.

“I actually had a dream that we did a collaboration with Khloé and that’s actually what prompted us to reach out. It’s a bit of a manifestation,” said Elliot Barton, cofounder of Tatti Lashes with Charlotte Tiplady to WWD.

The collaboration includes a strip of false eyelashes along with two sets of individual lashes, one for day and the other for the night, as well as a bond and seal applicator and a rose oil infused lash remover that comes with a miniature lashes brush.

This collaboration not only showcases the power of influencer marketing but also highlights the potential for growth within the beauty industry. With Khloé Kardashian’s massive platform and Tatti Lashes’ innovative products, this partnership is undoubtedly a lucrative venture for both parties involved.

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