“I saw the signs before the marriage” Sheila Courage, estranged wife of Isreal DMW spills

“I saw the signs before the marriage” Sheila Courage, estranged wife of Isreal DMW spills

Sheila Courage, the estranged wife of Isreal DMW has opened up about the genesis of their marital crisis.

Glamsquad reported that Isreal has acknowledged that his marriage to Sheila Courage is facing difficulties.

He shared the story of meeting his wife and talked about upgrading Sheila. He stated that after their wedding, Sheila changed and tried to set standards for him. Read here 

However, Sheila hit back at him and disclosed that Isreal was showering her and her family with gifts to conceal his shortcomings. She alleged that the artist beat up her mother and reclaimed some of the items he had purchased for her. Read Here

In a new post, Sheila stated that she noticed warning signs before their wedding, as Isreal rushed her into marriage, providing various excuses and making threats.

She disclosed that many decisions during and after the wedding were made without her input, including aspects like the invitation card, over which she had no say.

Additionally, she discovered certain details after payments were made and even questioned if he was marrying the event planner instead of her.

Spilling more, Sheila mentioned that the wedding had a massive turnout which was Isreal’s preference, not hers. According to her, Isreal insisted on it being significant because he considered himself a public figure, and with many eyes on it, it had to be big.

She said he began revealing his true self completely, instructing her not to use the generator or go out when he travelled. He treated her like a child and a prisoner. Sheila mentioned that he used the wedding to gather money for himself, receiving substantial funds from people.

However, when it came to deciding how they would spend the money, he didn’t involve her. To this day, she has no idea how they spent all the money from the wedding, despite it being attended by many prominent figures.

Furthermore, she claimed that their issues began in November after he told her not to come back home just because she hadn’t informed him about her plans in advance.

Sheila, who was at the salon at the time, initially thought he was joking. However, upon her return home, the gateman refused to let her in. After numerous calls between Israel, his dad, and herself, she was eventually allowed back in. He apologized for his actions several days later.

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