House of Jahdara by Adesola Adepoju

WE SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE-But express it in diverse ways, is what Designer Adesola Adepoju said of herself when asked what she thinks about fashion in Nigeria. She favours the elegant, glamorous and feminine, as shown by the photographs of the label’s campaign featuring three models of different decent. House of Jahdara offering is filled with velvet cocktail dresses, in the most exquisite and of course, the sweeping ball gown that stole our hearts away. The smooth feel of the fabric.

As a multi-faceted global womenswear collection, Designer, Adesola Adepoju perfected the art of working with rich fabric and proving affordable luxury on every woman’s skin with her craft in creating ready to wear pieces, bespoke, couture, swimwear and made it so well that her pieces never look the same on her clients with extra focus on finishing and craftsmanship through the use of ornate embellishment.


Sebastiane Ebatamehi

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