Hollywood Star, Angelina Jolie Covers March Issue Of British Vogue

Guess who’s the cover star for the March edition of Vogue? You guessed right, its our very own in-house Hollywood favourite, Angelina Jolie.

At Glamsquad, we love everything JOLIE!!!

Has the promise of a new season ever held as much allure as this coming spring?

This March, of course, brings with it the anniversary of the first pandemic lockdown in the UK.

Most days, I do at least feel grateful for how far we’ve come, and especially so for all the extraordinary people.

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Yet there are difficult days, too, when it still feels as though things have hardly moved on at all.

As I sit writing this article in my new home in Lekki, Lagos, many of us are once again confined to our houses, nervously monitoring hospital statistics and R numbers.

It has been tough. Tough on the fashion industry, tough on the arts, tough on everyone.

But it never ceases to amaze me how, for many creative minds working today, it has not meant the end of inspiration.

Anyone who knows me knows the thing I’m drawn to more than anything is talent.

More than beauty, more than buzz, it’s the thrill and hope instilled in people who bring their creativity to bear to inspire us.

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It is the greatest privilege of my job to champion innovators, budding or established. As we live through another chapter in this pandemic.

It feels ever more urgent to do so, especially for the younger generation, many of whom have had such a tricky time of it this past year.

From the designer finding new, collaborative ways of working to the gifted photographer and the curator making waves, to the next big things in art, music, cinema, tech and beauty, it is a promising roll call.

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Photographed in three continents, these young people give me faith in the resilience of the creative spirit – and, on darker days, make the future both easier and more exciting to imagine.

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With the start of spring, a new season in fashion begins in earnest. Certainly, our style habits remain somewhat adjusted, but there is plenty to adore.

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Impressively researched and well written, it has been gathering fans for months now for its important theses. In a rare interview, the elusive Pulitzer Prize winner lets us in on her writing process.

Source: Vogue

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