Fashion Is Moving From The Runway To The Driveway…

What do celebs like AKA and Bonang have in common? Besides being the most stylish personalities in South Africa, they also drive the most head-turning automobiles on the market right now.

Like many other fashionistas, their cars are more than just a way to get around town, but a fashion accessory to complement their fashion sense.
Manufacturers have identified this as a selling point and often design cars that appeal to fashion-conscious buyers. The roads are turning into cat walks as new car models become ultra opulent. Their body paint reflects the must-have colours in this year’s wardrobe, while seat fabric gives a nod to the runway patterns and textures that will set the tone for the season. But, the influence doesn’t stop there. The conveyors of couture and car makers have in the past even collaborated to launch bespoke car models – think of the Gucci Fiat 500, the Chanel Fiole Concept Car and the Versace-laced Lamborghini.
To celebrate the artistic relationship between fashion and cars, we’ve decided to have our own fun collaboration. We asked car insurance comparison website which new cars will be gracing the showrooms this year, and drew our own comparisons to our most obsessed fashion items.
Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio/Metallic Red Lipstick
Bold lips continue to make a statement this spring as pouters sported red lipstick with metallic and glossy finishes everywhere during this season’s fashion weeks, from Dolce and Gabbana to Brandon Maxwell shows. You can pack even more punch by pairing this colour with bold smoky eyes to achieve a look not unlike the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, whose Ferrari-powered sport utility is also breaking boundaries.
Aston Martin DB11 AMR/The Matrix inspired fashion
Whether it’s cat-shaped sunglasses or shiny leather outfits, there’s no denying that the Matrix movies are one of the biggest fashion influencers this year. And we can’t think of a better ride to help us channel our inner Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus than the sleek and stealthy Aston Martin DB11 AMR.
Renault Duster/The Oversized Bag
They may look chic and can be paired with any outfit but the real reason you’d want to carry a big handbag is so that you can take everything with you – your makeup, scarf, hat, tablet, tissues, sanitising spray and a notebook. This season, bigger is better with brown and beige super-sized bag adorning arms everywhere. With their clean, solid lines they remind us of the new Renault Duster, a practical SUV choice whose cabin can hold all the clutter to take with you on the road.
Suzuki Jimny/The Daddy Sneaker
Hit the town in this chunky sensation that is making a huge comeback. The Daddy Shoe was a fashion staple of the 90s but is making a resurgence as high-end sneakers that offer modern features without compromising classic style. The defining characteristic of these sneakers are bulky silhouettes atop thick soles with curvy lines and bright hues or neon colours.  Makes us think of another classic behemoth that is getting a makeover in 2018, the new Suzuki Jimny.
Will you be a trendsetter on the roads this year? These cars are all set to make their debut in South Africa in the last quarter of 2018 so be sure to keep an eye on your local dealership.
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