Faithfulness in a relationship isn’t necessary until a ring is involved- Tacha spills

Reality TV Star, Tacha Akide has opined that women should only consider being faithful in relationships when it reaches a serious stage, such as receiving an engagement ring.

Tasha shared this during a podcast forthcoming episode of the ‘Spill it with Phyna’ podcast.

The radio host believes that there is no obligation to be faithful during the “boyfriend and girlfriend” stage of a relationship.

She argues that without a formal commitment or a ring to symbolize exclusivity, there’s no binding oath, making it acceptable to have other partners during the “boyfriend and girlfriend” stage.

As expected, her statement has sparked considerable online criticism.

One I Am Him 01 wrote: “I think what’s more shocking is that there are a set of young people, who have named themselves like her disciples and gulp everything she spews.”

Obe Akewusola wrote: “Hookup influencer have drop quotes.”

One The Notorious 10k wrote: “So I’m suppose to marry someone who’s not faithful? Omo she’s almost like 35 and still having this kinda thoughts. really sad stuff”

One Adaeze wrote: “Can we all collectively beg Tacha, Phyna, Tolanibaj and Moetabebe to pack up their mics and leave us alone? Please”

One Elixir wrote:I feel sorry for the gullible ones that this psychosomatic morons are destroying. This is the end result of big brother 9ja, churning out crazy people and creating a platform for them to create more crazy people. Hiss”

One Dominic wrote: They are destroying the mindset of most women teaching you all to be promiscuous in a marriage or relationship”

One Mayokun wrote: “An unfaithful girlfriend is an unfaithful wife. Marriage won’t change people.”

One Chilove wrote: “How do u even be in a relationship n not be faithful,,, you will definitely not be faithful when u get married”

One Prime Minister wrote: You don’t expect a girlfriend to be faithful untill married , but you expect a boyfriend to provide for you when you’re not a wife?”

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