DETAILS FROM Sacai Spring Summer 2024 Collection

During fashion week, a lot of guests choose to concentrate on the gorgeous ensembles that are on display and ignore the most important components, particularly the bags and accessories that assist the ensembles they see complement one another.

The accessories worn at the Sacai spring summer 2024 fashion show showcased a meticulous attention to detail, highlighting the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. From statement jewelry pieces to unique headwear and handbags, every accessory added an extra layer of personality and flair to the collection.

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The jewelry featured intricate designs with a mix of materials, such as pearls, metals, and crystals, adding a touch of sophistication to each look. The headwear included avant-garde hats and hair accessories that played with proportions and shapes, creating a distinctive silhouette.

The handbags ranged from small bamboo weave to smaller puffy-shaped bags adorned with fringe details. Overall, these accessories complemented the clothing collection perfectly, demonstrating Sacai’s ability to blend artistic creativity with wearable yet striking designs.

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