Check out five facts you didn’t know about Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage

The queen of Afrobeats, Tiwa Savage has disclosed five facts you didn’t know about her.

In an interview with music ranking platform, Billboard Chats, Tiwa Savage disclosed her genuine sentiments. Firstly, the ‘Somebody Son’ crooner said she doesn’t like high heels and loves performing in her underwear or barefoot.

In cooking, Tiwa openly said that she loves bread the most. She also mentioned that sometimes she’s not the one coming up with the ideas for the things she posts on social media or Instagram.

The mother of one further revealed that she is an uninteresting person when she isn’t performing or doing interviews.

She claimed that in her free time, she had been holed up in her room binge-watching series, with ‘Downtown Abbey’ taking the crown as her current favourite.

She said,

Hello everyone this is Tiwa Savage and these are five things you may not know about me.

“I hate wearing heels, I love performing barefoot.

“My favourite food is bread.

“Sometimes I’m actually not the one that runs my Instagram or my social media pages.

“I am a very very boring person when I am not on stage or doing interviews like this I am literally in my room watching series.

“And my favourite series right now is Downtown Abbey.

“And those are five things you may not know about me.”

See the video below;

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