BB Naija: Ike Saves Omashola as Team ‘Legends’ Get Nominated For Eviction


The Pepper Dem Housemates in their new teams played their first Nomination challenge tonight. At the end of it, Esther, Frodd, Sir Dee, Venita, Tacha and Cindy are up for possible Eviction this week.

Three representatives were selected by each team to partake in the challenge on behalf of other team members. For five minutes, each representative was to move as many cotton balls as possible from the cotton balls buckets to the plates on the floor. The team with the most cumulative cotton balls in their plates wins the Challenge.

The representatives are competing blindfolded and they were to use tablespoons to move the balls into the plates.

Venita, Omashola and Esther represented team Legends while Seyi, Elozonam and Cindy stood in for Enigma team. At the sound of the buzzer, they dug in and began the battle to save their team from the Nomination list.

When it was three minutes and 22 seconds, the buzzer went off and it was time to see how they fared in the challenge. As they took off their blindfolds, a shocked Esther discovered she has been pouring the cotton balls on the floor! She wasn’t the only Housemates that noticed an error, Biggie also called Venita out for nudging the plate on the ground with her foot. According to Big Brother, that was a cheap trick and it was quite noticeable.

All this said and done, team Legends with the exception of Khafi are up for possible Eviction as they didn’t have enough cotton balls on their plate.

Ike, the Veto Power Holder for this week was called upon to perform the Save and Replace rite. Without wasting time, Ike Saved Omashola and Replaced him with Cindy.

The outcome of the Nomination challenge has put Legends on edge.

Source – Big Brother Naija

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