“You’ve got to have a passion”–Tom Hanks defends ‘nepo babies’ again

Nepo babies must possess “a passion” to succeed, according to Hollywood veteran actor, Tom Hanks.

The 66-year-old actor has three children who all work in the entertainment industry: Chet, 32, and Truman, 27, who he shares with wife Rita Wilson, as well as Colin, 45, and Elizabeth, 40, from a previous union with Samantha Lewes.

He also explained to Entertainment Tonight on Monday that while he may have been able to get them into the industry, they have had to work to make things “stick” after recently asserting that show business was the “family business.”

This comes after he posed on the red carpet with his son Truman to promote his film A Man Called Otto. Truman’s wife Rita produced, and he played a part.

He said: “The shoe industry is a family business. The car industry is a family business. I think my kids are all like Renaissance artists, you know? [They] are good at whatever they choose to be. But the question  here is, can you make it stick?”

He then stated that passion, drive, talent, and luck are the necessary qualities needed.

“You’ve got to have a passion, you’ve got to have a drive. And yeah, our household has existed in the company town that is Los Angeles. Success is a combination of talent, perseverance, drive, and no small amount of luck.”

“Now, without a doubt, we had a director who said, “Well, why can’t your kid play you at an early age?” And that would make sense because we do resemble each other a lot,” he noted.

“But the final analysis is the person has to show up on the day and hit the marks and tell the truth. Only he can make that decision. It was totally up to him,” he added.

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