YouTuber MrBeast Breaks Record For Most Subs Gained In A Month With 9.2 MILLION

MrBeast, a popular YouTuber, just set a new record for the most subscribers gained in a single month, with a whopping 9.2 million new subscribers in November alone.

MrBeast now holds the record, according to Dexerto, after surpassing previous record-holder CarryMinati, an Indian YouTuber and comedian who gained 9.1 million subs in May 2020.

According to the real-time tracking website Social Blade, MrBeast is now the seventh most-subscribed YouTuber of all time, with approximately 82.2 million subscribers as of this writing.

MrBeast has now surpassed Russian YouTuber Like Nastya (81M) on the Top 20 leaderboard, and is currently in sixth place, trailing the WWE official channel (83.7M).

According to analytics, the popular YouTuber’s massive subscriber increase may have resulted from his real-life recreation of “Squid Game,” which is one of the most popular shows on the streaming platform to date.

According to sources, his recreation cost an insane $3.5 million to produce and featured a $456,000 prize for which 456 people had to compete (without the gratuitous violence, of course).

YouTuber MrBeast Breaks Record For Most Subs Gained In A Month With 9.2  MILLION | Tech Times

As of this writing, the popular content creator’s recreation of the Netflix show had 126 million views and 10 million likes on the platform.

On the day he posted the video, the subscribers began to pour in—700,000 to be exact—though it took him a few more days to reach the 9.2 million-subscriber mark for the month.

Nonetheless, it was an impressive recreation that, according to Kotaku, may have gone viral due to MrBeast’s penchant for giving away money and performing outrageous stunts.

Who Is ‘MrBeast,’ The YouTuber?

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson’s YouTube popularity cannot be overstated. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, his channel has recently earned a total of 13.5 billion views, which he accumulated over the course of four years on the platform.

Donaldson’s first YouTube video contrasts sharply with his most recent exploits. In it, he did something that people might find both boring and amazing: he counted from 1 to 100,000.

Since then, he’s stepped up his game and established himself as a philanthropist YouTuber. Many people refer to him as “YouTube’s viral philanthropist,” and his cash giveaways are nothing to laugh at. He appears to be so wealthy these days that he has given away so many valuables throughout his career.

According to Dexerto, some of his craziest giveaway exploits include giving away over $100,000 to people as if it were nothing, buying five stores and eventually giving away all of the inventory, and even breaking into a stranger’s house to leave $50,000 in cash.

One can only assume that MrBeast’s income is primarily derived from his YouTube career or other sources. But one thing is certain: the man knows how to collect subs, and it may only be a matter of time before he takes the top spot.