YouTube Music Will Soon Be Available for Children to View Via Family Link

Google revealed to Family Link users in an email that youngsters will soon be able to access YouTube Music and other aspects of the video streaming service.

Google will allow children to view YouTube music

Prior to December 2020, Google Play Music permitted children under the age of 13 to create their own personal libraries.

According to Android Police, YouTube Music is only now getting the same functionality as part of the ability to let supervised accounts transition from YouTube Kids to the main YouTube sites.

The supervised YouTube experience for older children and teens was initially shown in February 2021, but it is now more widely available.

In the coming weeks, children will be able to enjoy YouTube Music on iOS, Android, and the web. These controlled accounts will also have access to YouTube through their smart TVs.

YouTube Music Will Soon Be Available for Children to View Via Family Link -  24HTECH.ASIA

According to Google, the videos and music available to a child’s account on YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids are controlled by the parent’s content setting preferences.

Parents can choose from three options: Explore, Explore More, and Most of YouTube.

The Explore tier allows youngsters who are ready to go from YouTube Kids to normal YouTube to explore the site’s content.

This setting will provide a wide range of videos that are generally appropriate for viewers aged nine and up, such as tutorials, music clips, gaming videos, news, instructional information, and more.

The Explore More tier contains content appropriate for youngsters aged 13 and up. This option will provide a broader selection of videos and live streams in the same categories as the Explore tier.

Finally, Most of YouTube is a setting that will show almost all of the videos on YouTube except those that are age-restricted, and it contains delicate issues that older teens can view.

This addresses a problem with Google’s Family Link system and music listening. Even though they have YouTube Premium family plans, some users had to subscribe their children to alternative streaming providers.

YouTube took time to make the modification, which was the result of feedback from families who use their products.

YouTube Music’s Expansion

Google announced in September 2021 that YouTube Music had reached 50 million members, and they accomplished so faster than projected.

According to a new market study report published by 9to5Mac, YouTube Music expanded 50% in a year, with strong interest from the younger generation, often known as Gen Z.

According to Midia Research, YouTube expanded by more than 50% between Q2 2020 and Q2 2021. During the aforementioned 12-month period, Google was the only streaming service to gain its global market share.

At the end of Q2 2021, approximately 8% of the 523.9 million music subscribers, or 26.4 percent, used YouTube Music. Spotify has the largest market share, at 31 percent, albeit this figure has been declining from 34 percent in Q2 2019.

Apple Music came in second with 15%, followed by Amazon and Tencent, both with 13%.

YouTube Music’s latest modification comes after the platform revealed that it would reduce its other services, such as YouTube Originals.

YouTube Kids became ad-free as part of its Red Subscription in 2016.

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