‘You’re not ready for marriage, children if you don’t have money’ – BBNaija Doyin to ladies

Controversial Big Brother Naija reality star Doyin has encouraged single women to pursue financial independence over love and marriage.

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According to her, a woman who does not have money is not ready for marriage or children. She argued that the most serious mistake a woman can make is “depending completely” on a male.

The reality star claimed she refuses to rely on men’s charity, underlining that she wants the safety, authority, and security that comes with owning her own money.

On her Snapchat page, Doyin wrote: “The biggest mistake you can make as a young lady is depending completely on a man. Attaining independence should be the first thing on your mind… before love, marriage, or kids. Money first!

“If you don’t have your own money, a reasonable amount of money saved up, you’re NOT ready for marriage and most definitely NOT ready to have kids. You need your own money!!

“With all I refuse humility, I refuse for the quality of my life to be dependent on the benevolence of men. I want the protection, power, and security that comes with having my own money. But like I said in the beginning, that’s just me! To each his own!