Your Comments Are Irrelevant; Ghanaian Actress, Vicky Zugah Slams Haters

Ghanaian actress and TV host, Vicky Zugah give a warning to haters and people who do not wish others well.vicky zugahThe actress who is known for always speaking out no matter what has drops these few lines of warning.

She stated that the comment of people who do not wish others well are irrelevant.
As long as people who have failed in one business still get up to try another then why do haters keep condemning people.

Vicky Zugah further stated that the moment one is trying to get back on their feet or try do not interrupt or be that hindering force.

Taking to the gram she wrote; Dear people that don’t wish others well, I am here to remind you that your “commentary” is irrelevant. Stop projecting your lack of believe on others.

If someone who has failed in business a few times in the past still believes they can start another business and be successful at it and you don’t believe them, just smile and keep it moving! If someone who comes from a lineage of broken families still believes he/she can get the best spouse and live happily ever after, pray for them!

But don’t be that person who interrupts the person who’s actually doing it because guess what, as long as they put their minds to it; THEY CAN!

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