“Your Apology is not straight from the heart”– Annjay Chioma on Brymo’s apology to the Igbos

Annjay Chioma, a well-known Nigerian musician, has commented on the second apology made by her colleague, Brymo, who once more caved to pressure and apologized to the Igbos.

When he was nominated for the All Africa Music Award in the category for “Songwriter of the Year,” Brymo had to apologize after millions of Nigerians joined a petition to prevent him from winning.

The musician has come under fire for saying that the Igbo people are not prepared to lead Nigeria.

Additionally, he advised the region to run for vice president first before pursuing the presidency.

However, Brymo apologized to the Igbos on his Twitter page a few hours ago for the second time.

Brymo apologized, saying that he didn’t mean to hurt Igbos.

He said; “Forgive my assertions that came across as bigoted spewings against the Igbo tribe. I did not mean to do harm, I am sorry!!

“My apologies are extended to all igbos that may not know too. I missed that cos I am deeply affected most around once I’m closer to. Do accept my sorry, I did not mean harm”.

In response, Annjay chastised Brymo and said that his apologies was not genuine.

“Brymo your Apology is not straight from the heart… I am disappointed. You fell my hand. I swear”, she wrote via Instagram blog comment section.


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