‘Younger generation of Nigerian musicians are selfish’ – Eedris Abdulkareem spills

'Younger generation of Nigerian musicians are selfish' - Eedris Abdulkareem spills

Nigerian veteran singer, Eedris Abdulkareem has expressed his views on the current wave of Nigerian musicians.

In a recent interview with SRTV, Eedris said the  new generation of artists are simply exploiting the efforts of those who came before them for their own personal gain.

Abdulkareem emphasized the need for musicians to prioritize substance over superficiality, using their platforms to address pressing social issues rather than merely promoting frivolous content.

His concerns arise from his observation that the current generation of musicians is primarily focused on benefiting from the labor and legacy of veteran artists like himself, without contributing to the greater good.

Eedris believes this self-centered approach ignores the responsibility that comes with their influence.

The “Emilokan” crooner stressed that the younger generation of musicians is shortsighted in their pursuit of personal gain, neglecting the impact of their actions on their extended families.

He reminded them that while they may have the means to escape the country in times of crisis, their loved ones might not be so fortunate.

He said,

The younger generation of [Nigerian] musicians are not ready.

“They are just there to capitalise on what we worked for and make money for themselves. They are very selfish people.

“They feel they and their family have Visas to flee the country if crisis arises but they should remember that their extended family members don’t have Visas.

“They will all die here. So, don’t be selfish. Use your music to talk about ills in the society as much as you are using your music to promote frivolities.”

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