You’ll need to erase and factory reset your iPhone before you can trade it in

Whether you have an iPhone 13, iPhone 12, or one of the many fantastic Android phones on the market, a new phone is thrilling right now.
However, once the excitement has worn off, it’s time to decide what to do with your old phone.
If it’s still usable, you have numerous options, like trading it in for cash, selling it to a random stranger, or reusing it.
However, there is still some work to be done before you pass it on to someone else or drop it off at FedEx.

Before you can even consider giving your phone to someone else, you must wipe it and do a factory reset.
This ensures that no one gets access to the vast amounts of personal data stored on our phones.
I’ll walk you through the procedures you need to take before resetting your phone, as well as teach you how to do it.

How to wipe your iPhone before selling it or trading it in - The Verge

Stop! You need to backup your iPhone before doing anything else

Create a backup before resetting your iPhone so that you can set up your new phone and go back to it if any contacts or photos are lost.
You may either use iTunes on a PC or plug your iPhone into your Mac and follow these steps to secure it.

You can also back up your phone using iCloud by heading to walk settings > tapping your name at the top of the page> iCloud > iCloud backup >
Get it right now.
This form of backup may take some time depending on how long it has been since you last backed up your phone, but it is quite simple.

To prevent the backup from depleting the battery, make sure your phone is linked to a Wi-Fi network and a charger.

Following the backup, there are a few things you should do:

  • Remove all apps and services from your device.
    Going through every app and service you’re signed in to and signing out is time-consuming, but it’s worthwhile.
  • In settings > Mail / Contacts / Calendar> Accounts, delete any email, contacts, or calendar accounts from your smartphone.
  • If you haven’t already, take out your SIM card.
    If your new phone arrived with a fresh SIM card, delete and discard the old one.
    Make sure you delete or disable your eSIM if you used one.

All right, now it’s time to reset your iPhone

After you’ve backed up your phone and deleted all of your accounts, use the settings App to perform a factory reset.
Then go to Generally > Reset to default > Erase all content and settings, and confirm your choice.
To switch off Apple’s Find My service, you’ll need to enter your phone’s PIN code followed by your Apple ID password.

The screen will go dark when you input your password, and the Apple logo will appear along with a progress meter.
After a few minutes, you’ll see a screen that says “Hello” in various languages, confirming that the reset was successful.

You can safely send your phone on its way now that it has been erased and is ready for a new owner because your data is no longer on it.

In terms of your new phone, here are 15 settings you should update right immediately, as well as some iOS 14 hidden features worth exploring.
You can also try out Apple’s new iOS 15 operating system.
Are you still pondering what to do with your old phone?
Consider the following suggestions.


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